Our range of services Post COVID-19

New measures to reduce the risk of COVID-19 Transmission
Our normal cross infection control protocols at Powell’s against all previously known pathogens are already woven into all clinical activity at the practice.
It should be remembered that a dental practice is already a clean environment compared to public areas and there is no evidence of COVID-19 transmission occurring in increased rates in dentists and staff.
We have collectively evaluated all of the updated guidance and observed what measures have been put into place in other countries. We feel that the measures which are outlined in this policy will reduce risk to the minimum level at the practice.
Please be assured that all of our clinical staff will also be complying with our updated procedures to reduce the risk of cross infection in both directions.

All dental staff will be using PPE in line with current recommendations and evidence.
We apologise in advance for the necessary reduction in social interaction that this will necessitate. Whilst our masks may make us appear impersonal and distant, please be assured we are still the same friendly team underneath it all.!
We are especially mindful that many dental treatments are aerosol generating procedures (AGPs). It is difficult for us to carry out some procedures without generation of some level of aerosol. Aerosol suspended in the air is a theoretical source of infection which we obviously wish to keep to a minimum. Currently the dental literature suggests:

• Our use of our normal high-volume suction reduces aerosol production by over 90%
• The use of rubber dam where possible reduces the aerosol by a further 30-90%
• Our regular surgical facemasks filter approx. 60% of the remaining air bourne particles.
• FFP2 & FFP3 masks filter 94-99% respectively of the airborne particles in both directions (patient to clinician and clinician to patient)

We therefore feel that our normal dental procedures can be carried out with the minimal risk by the use of high-volume suction, rubber dam, surgical and FFP2 masks for non-aerosol procedures and FFP3 for AGP’s.
This policy will be constantly reviewed and updated as necessitated by circumstances over time.

We are aiming to provide (subject to Covid-19  guidelines and PPE availability) all mandatory general dental services.

Our services includes examination, diagnosis, advice and planning of treatment, preventative care and treatment, periodontal treatment, conservation treatment, surgical treatment, supply and repair of dental appliances, the taking of radiographs, the supply of listed appliances and the issue of prescriptions. We offer Free Fluoride Application to All Children & Oral Hygiene Instructions

One of our dental treatment centres
One of our dental treatment centres

Facilities and treatment
The main surgeries are on the first floor and are not currently accessible to wheelchairs.
There is a surgery downstairs for anyone who has mobility problems. Please let the reception staff know, in advance if you require help entering or leaving the practice. The practice does have steps at the entrance but a ramp is available on request.

The practice provides safe and comfortable dental care and we welcome patients who are nervous about dental treatment. We offer a full range of dental treatments including crowns, bridges, veneers and dentures.

Mr Powell offers orthodontic advice and treatment.